Round 3 – #5 – 01/27/10

January 27, 2010

In which our heroes discuss the best film trilogy, one of our best friends, and parents on facebook/twitter.

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5 Responses to “Round 3 – #5 – 01/27/10”

  1. Jason said

    ya you used my topic but Steve why did you have to give me that image in my head

  2. Dane J said

    The best sequel since Empire 😛 I just finished lisening to the the first 5 episodes and I gotta say. It’s great to hear you two together! Thanks for the great show.

  3. Dane J said

    I never could hit the “,” button correctly.

  4. batmatt said

    Dude loved the Joe bit. I don’t mind saying, made me laugh a lot. Glad to have the band back together. You guys ROCK!!!!!!

  5. JHummrich said

    Dudes! I can’t believe you guys call me a friend and then bust on me like that…. We are done sir(s)! D U N. Do……………. Wait, it was hilarious! Liz and I were DYING listening to it. Frigging hysterical. All the Round3 Shows have been great but I got a real kick out of that.

    2 witty guys are you. Mad love

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