Round 3 – #6 – 01/29/10

January 29, 2010

In which our heroes discuss under there, something to eat in a chair, and the best ship in the air.

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One Response to “Round 3 – #6 – 01/29/10”

  1. shane said

    Really enjoying the show.
    Have an idea for a new segmant for your show that I would appreciate you guys having a look at.

    An idea I have for something you guys could do every couple of weeks on an episode is that you get people on twitter to suggest 3 movies and you guys think up a plot synopsis of your idea for the sequel to those films.
    For example I give you Ghost Rider, Empire Records and Big Trouble in Little China and you guys take turns trying to make a story for the sequels with a 5 minutes time limit on each film.

    Just an idea and hope you guys like it.

    Thanks Shane.

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