Round 3 – #13 – 02/15/10

February 16, 2010

In which our heroes, in a timely manner, discuss run ins with the law, first time employment, and first movies seen in theaters.

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3 Responses to “Round 3 – #13 – 02/15/10”

  1. Jason said

    Three things, guys:
    1. My very first job was doing telemarketing for the Colorado Fraternal Order of Police in 1988. What I remember most worrying that I’d get lung cancer in my first week there. This wasn’t a smoke filled room, this was a room-filled smoke. For some dumb reason I took two other telemarketing jobs after that and they were both the same way. I probably knocked five years of my life just by talking on the phone with these skeezy people.
    2. I also worked in a meat dept. (just stocking, though, no butchering). How in the world did you get by, Derek, without knowing what or how to cut meat?!?

    3. That actually brings to mind a topic idea: What weird things have you done to flirt with women? That meat dept. where I worked as a teenager was where we tried some odd strategies. It was at the back of the grocery store, so we could easily see when attractive young ladies would enter any aisle. Then we’d quickly grab something — anything — to take out to the floor to pretend to be stocking shelves near said hotties while acting cool. One night, I was the fastest out of the gate and over to the eggs to do what in retrospect was probably my best Beavis and Butt-head “hey baby,” when a mullet-headed co-worker decided it was time to compete for the young lady’s attention. But he forgot to bring any boxes of product with him, so he thought it would be good to make it seem like he was asking me about what needed to be shelved. Apparently, he just looked at whatever was closest and asked, loud as possible, “Hey, Jason, do we have any more lard?”

    Great show, as always, guys.

  2. Will said

    The first movie I saw in theaters was Tranformers: The Movie. You got the touch!

  3. Morgan said

    I vaguely remember watching/falling asleep thru a double feature of Star Wars at a drive-in when I was a wee geek of a lass. But the movie I remember the most was The Goonies cause it opened the weekend of my 6th birthday & it was the first time my family celebrated away from home.

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