Round 3 – #26 – 03/24/10

March 24, 2010

In which our heroes discuss board games, wetnaps, and Muppets on LOST.

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3 Responses to “Round 3 – #26 – 03/24/10”

  1. #26 was the best episode yet. Ans not because you used my topic. The Muppet Lost stuff is great stuff. Have you seen the viral videos for Muppet Matrix or Muppet Pulp Fiction?

    Funny, Funny stuff.

    Later, Taters.

    Tabbias H. Black

  2. Jessica said

    No way! Muppet Matrix, Muppet Pulp Fiction! Good to know. I am going to look that up. Right now.

  3. Ares said

    Hey i disagree about your judgement on apples to apples. to enjoy the game more you need a couple of beers and people who will throw out the most retarded answeres and laugh along with you

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