Round 3 – #30 – 04/02/10

April 2, 2010

In which our heroes debate dessert foods.

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2 Responses to “Round 3 – #30 – 04/02/10”

  1. James said

    Well I don’t know how you could get fat without eating chocolate, candy, ice cream, or crispy creme donuts….wait a minute….Damn it, now I know what happened to me! Come to think of it, maybe that’s why my foot fell off as well? Anyway, great episode. I couldn’t stop laughing and I believe my coworkers can all agree. Also I left a comment on the “Blending In” site, but I don’t know if you saw it yet. My suggestion for Muppet “Lost” is for Pepe to play the “Man in Black”, however he would be known as the “Prawn in Black”. He would walk up to whoever is playing “Jacob” and say, “I just wanna get off this island, Okay!!”.

  2. kimmie said

    This episode had me in tears. I absolutely loved it. I actually have a Krispy Kreme store up the road from and it takes sheer will power not to pull in and buy some of their glazed donuts when the red light is on.

    BTS, speaking of cupcakes, as I’m making red velvet cupcakes and Italian Cheesecake for Easter I’m catching up on my Round 3.

    You guys just make me laugh and have a good time. I will be in the majority and say that I loved the episode that included the friendship of Colonel Sanders and Foghorn Leghorn and Steve doing it with Miss Scarlett in the conservatory.

    Thank you for doing your triweekly podcast. Love you guys and even more so because I get all your references – original BSG, A-Team, Thompson Twins …

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