Round 3 – #32 – 04/07/10

April 7, 2010

In which our heroes discuss Disney films, morning rituals, and guilty pleasure music.

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4 Responses to “Round 3 – #32 – 04/07/10”

  1. Thanks fellas. I hope you two hear that often.

  2. Ross said

    Ducktales the Movie DVD is actually in print, it’s just exclusive to Disney’s Movie Club{I think it’s like $20 or something}.

  3. I don’t know if I should give you a sincere thank-you or a sarcastic one. First you get Wilson Philips stuck in my head (but you gave me a great idea for a new Mondegreen Monday at my website!), then you play PART of the song, but not the whole thing. Now I have to buy it on iTunes. Thank you. Interpret that how you will.
    OK, so this was an interesting confluence of circumstances, as I was watching American Idol on mute while listening to this episode (the only interesting part is the end of the show), and it brought to mind two questions for you gents:
    1. Name a guilty pleasure TV show. It can’t be a sci-fi show, though, because there is no shame in sci-fi. OK, “Syfy” yes, but not Sci-Fi.
    2. On American Idol they do theme weeks, as you may or may not know. This week was Lennon-McCartney week, last week was R&B week. Aaaand I’ve just outed myself for question 1. Anyway, what odd theme of music do you think they should go for? My preference would be for the Weird Al songbook. … Or Rammstein, I can’t decide … .
    Great show as always, guys.


  4. Skyler said

    Great show but as a Disney nut I must say that …

    A) The official count of ‘Disney Animated Classics’ from Snow White to The Princess and the Frog is at 49 counting the Disney made, non-Pixar CG (Dinosaur, Chicken Little, Meet the Robinsons and Bolt).

    B) It was Brother Bear, then Home on the Range.

    C) When PIXAR was bought out by Disney, John Lasseter was given a few different jobs in the company in both film and Theme Parks. One of his first acts at was to Cancel all DTV Sequels after the one they were working on at the time (Little Mermaid III). Side-Note: Tinker-Bell movies get off on the technicality of being a spin off and Air Buds as that is the Live Action department where Lasseter has no control.

    D)DuckTales The Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp is NOT Out of print but has never been available in North American stores. The DVD is an exclusive for the Disney Movie Club which is like a Columbia House type system for Disney DVDs.

    Also, The Great Mouse Detective and the Vincent Price performance within, rock.

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